Chan_mobile works, but no caller-id

I’ve gotten chan_mobile to work well for inbound and outbound calls on two cell phones, but I’m not getting caller-id information on the inbound calls. I just get the name of cell phone as listed in chan_mobile.conf.

I have two cell phones, and iPhone and an Android. I have FreePBX installed. For bluetooth adapters, I’m using a pair of Trendnet TBW-106UB bluetooth adapters, which use a Cambridge Silicon Radio CSR8510 A10 radio. Inbound and outbound calls all sound great. The only problem is that inbound calls to either phone are appearing on the FreePBX lines with the name of the phone (e.g. “iphone”) for the caller-ID, instead of the actual incoming caller-ID. The cell phones are receiving caller-ID properly, as it appears on the cell phone screen correctly. Here’s my chan_mobile.conf (with device addresses mangled for privacy/security).

interval = 30; number of seconds to connect to the device





Any advice on how to get caller-id presented properly?

As a matter of course, this really should be an Asterisk question, or better yet, a question for the chan_mobile folks. I’ll admit there are plenty of high-powered experts here, but this is outside the scope of FreePBX and you aren’t really likely to get a lot of good answers.

Thank you for the guidance, Dave. I’ll take it over there.

It wasn’t really guidance, just a suggestion on how you might get more reliable and timely answers.


What version of Asterisk are you running?

I’m running 13.19.1.


I’ve had one-way audio problems with chan_mobile with any Asterisk version later than 11.

I may purchase a Trendnet TBW-106UB and see if I have better results.

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