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Hello, I have a Raspberry Pi 4, I installed Raspbx on it

When I connected chan_mobile, it worked successfully and the calls reached successfully, but there is a problem, which is the sound quality is very poor, that is, it reaches the caller clearly and reaches me in a bad and incomprehensible way

That is, the sound reaches one end clearly

What’s wrong? Knowing that I have tried many phones that I linked with chan_mobile using bluetooth and the same problem

I have attached an audio file for you that shows the echo of the sound because both phones are near me, but one side has a clear voice and the other is not

thank you


Have you tried chan_dongle to connect a USB 3g modem?


chan_mobile works well on Asterisk 11 but not later Asterisk versions.

The Asterisk developers refuse to look into it.

(Joshua C. Colp) #4

The chan_mobile module is community supported. If no community member wishes to support it or look at it, then noone will do so. If someone does and they put a patch up for review, then it will be reviewed like every other patch.

(Tom Ray) #5

Does that mean it needs an owner or is that only when it gets marked deprecated?

(Joshua C. Colp) #6

It doesn’t “need” an owner. It’s only if it moves to deprecated will having an owner prevent it from being removed. As it is, it is extended and community supported and sticks around. Having an owner would also increase the chance of things being resolved in it.

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how i can downgrade asterisk in raspberry?

(Mohammedpbx) #9

how i can downgrade asterisk in raspberry?

(Joshua C. Colp) #10

The Asterisk project doesn’t maintain that stuff, and I personally have no experience with it.

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The peer support forum for Raspx appears to be at

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