Chan_lcr and CallerID lookup source


I installed LCR with Asterisk and FreePBX and i would like to use the “CallerID Lookup Sources” and to use it i have to map it in the Inbound routes of FreePBX. But it’s not working… I was wondering if it’s because my LCR configuration does not permit it?

my /usr/local/lcr/routing.conf looks like this:

dialing=7241405 : remote application=asterisk context=from-internal exten=600

With this, i receive the calls on the ring group 600. But it’s not considering the Inbound Route parameters… But with a SIP trunk configured in this FreePBX it pass through this Inbound route…

Does anyone now why my inbound routes are ignored? Can we specify in LCR a trunk?

Thanks a lot if you can help me for this problem!