chan_iax2 error

is this a distro error or Asterisk?

[2011-06-01 10:13:13] NOTICE[15588]: chan_iax2.c:8621 reg_source_db: IAX/Registry astdb host:port invalid - ‘’
[2011-06-01 10:13:13] WARNING[15588]: chan_iax2.c:3228 reload_firmware: Error opening firmware directory ‘/var/lib/asterisk/firmware/iax’: No such file or directory
[2011-06-01 10:13:13] NOTICE[15588]: iax2-provision.c:553 iax_provision_reload: No IAX provisioning configuration found, IAX provisioning disabled.

Neither. As per your log’s, their NOTICES’s and WARNINGS’s.

Those notices and the files they are referring to is used for people who might be using IAXy from years ago. We dont supply the firmware or config files for them since I dont know anyone that still has them but Digium still includes it with IAX2

Yes. I meant warning. Do I ignore it?
Anything I can do to fix it?
Digium seems to have a bug report for this.

There you go then.