Guys, I have FreePBX with Asterisk 18.13.0.

Is Chan_dongle installed by default or should I install it to be able to connect some GSM USB dongles?

If there is the need to instalation is there any step by step procedure available?

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The chan_dongle module is not part of Asterisk, and not part of FreePBX. I can’t comment on installation as I know nothing of that.

Joshua cannot send you a guide to what he doesn’t know about, and, more generally, people who respond here will generally only provide answers and information on the forum. There is no service level agreement for the forum.

chan_dongle is no longer supported by anyone, as far as I can tell, so, if you are not able to support yourself, you should look for alternative solutions, like SIP to air interface gateway devices.

I have never used it, so cannot provide any more details than Google can.

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