Chan_dongle choppy


Not sure if I can ask about chan_dongle here, but I would guess that the majority of chan_dongle users are FreePBX users, so I’m giving it a go.
I have a Raspberry Pi 3+ that I have set up RaspBX on, running FreePBX and Asterisk 13.29.2. I’ve set up chan_dongle with a 3G USB dongle (although 3G is no longer available in my country, so I have to use GSM).

Local talks within our own network is crystal clear, but when calling using the dongle it is very choppy. Usually every other word is very unclear or unclear. There is no noise on the line, it’s just very choppy - sounds like it’s missing a lot of frames. System usage is well within limits, so it shouldn’t be a question of capacity. Using a mobile phone to call over GSM on the same location the conversation is also clear and without any issues. Is there something I can do to make this better?

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