Chaining IVRs by Time

Is it possible to chain IVRs… preferably by time? I have tried applying a time condition to each destination, but I cannot select an IVR for the destination… just basic areas (directory, etc.).

The system we are coming from allows time conditions to be set on virtually any step and to chain IVR “levels” together. This allows us the ability to have multiple greetings, such as…

Prompt: Morn A
"Good morning, and thank you for calling ABC Inc."

Prompt: Morn B
"Good afternoon, and thank you for calling ABC Inc."

This also allows us to route to destinations based on time. For example, our Tech Support Department has a queue for business hours, and two separate destinations for after-hours support… a mailbox and a priority pin-based queue.

Thanks, in advance.

  • G. Deward

The IVR options showed up after I applied my config. Didn’t want to do that until I had everything perfect. I’d still like to know what the CORRECT way of doing this is.

you already stumbled on the ‘correct’ way. did you read the wiki yet?

If the IVR does not exist first the option to route to it will not be listed. Make the IVR first, apply the config and then change the route.