Cetificate problem

I am running 2 of hosted virtual machines running FreePBX
I have only recently fired up the second machine but it is now acting exactley the same as the first:
i access the web gui via a FQDN (e.g. server01.fredbloggs.com) and frequently this will not load, if i access the web gui by an IP address i can then log in, go to https setup, re-install the certificate and all works again.
I am using Lets encrypt and i have tried generating a new certificate. this probably happens once or twice a day.
Although i am not “locked out” completely it is annoying and any help would be appreciated.

Pls try first to change your PBX Host Name. After apply change then repeat Let’s Encrypt certification again.
Modules --> System Admin --> Hostname --> Change to server01.fredbloggs.com --> Save
Be sure Let’s Encrypt Port 80 are open and PBX FW Allowed.

Thanks for reply Shanin, i will try that but don’t hold much faith as both systems have the correct hostname. I have jus had to install the certificate again In https setup) on both systems to gain access.

Just changed hostname (same as was), generated new Let’s Encrypt certicicate, impotred locally, impotrted in https setup. I will let you know how we progress. Cheers.

No Joy whatsoever. Just returned to office and had to re-install certificates on both machines in https setup before i could gain access.

Just to update you. This problem happened every couple of days using chrome browser, but recently i have started using firefox; just noticed that chrome will login firefox won’t???

Hi @tcmtelecom_stu
Pls try to open sangoma support ticket and we will give you help for fixing your issue.

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