Certman fail to install freepbx 12

hi i have an Asterisk (Ver. 11.12.0) freepbx 12.0.1rc31.
i have just update to c31 an i cant install the certman.

"Upgrading certman to 12.0.2 from track stable
Downloading certman

Found module locally, verifying…Verified. Using Local
Installing certman
Error(s) installing certman:
Failed to run installation scripts"

i also have Security Warning: “Module: FreePBX Framework, File: /usr/local/sbin/amportal altered”.

in a console…

amportal a ma upgrade certman

From the CLI Run

amportal chown

ok that fix the 2 problems but now i have a new warning…

“Module: FreePBX Framework, File: /var/lib/asterisk/bin/amportal missing”

> i recall that in version 12 is recommended to remove the framework.

There is 1 module available for online upgrade
cxpanel 3.1.6 (current: 3.1.3

 but i cant find any update in the Module Administration tab

No. That won’t do anything and has not been said anywhere.

this is the message that i recall…

FreePBX 12 users should disable and uninstall the legacy FreePBX ARI Framework module and switch to the new User Control Panel, which is not to be confused with the previous ‘User Control Panel Tab’.

There is a strong difference between “FreePBX ARI Framework” and “FreePBX Framework”. Mainly the lack of the word “ARI”