Certificate Manager Let's Encrypt Error

Let’s Encrypt certificate was expired and will not renew getting the following msg that I get page can not be displayed when attempting to view.
http://txgarrett.us/.well-known/acme-challenge/knJ-ZAGTpxgS6IzfTT33i-f0FQKaulc6mYlF9KvOV7M - token not available

I deleted the cert and tried to add it back and get the same msg,

Cert Manager Module

Is port 80 open?

Yes, port forwarded to PBXact.


Yes if I forward port 80 to another server I can reach the webpage of that server from the outside.

Are you saying that forwarding port 80 to another server works but this one not?

What i’m saying is port 80 is not being blocked and it is forwarded to the PBX system. I can’t add a cert from Let’s Encrypt. What I need to know is how to troubleshoot the error I have posted.