Certificate manager doesn't list installed cert

I had installed a cert a while ago (signed by a CA (wosign BTW)) on my PBX. After the current update to certificate manager which loosk really nice it shows the default cert etc, but not the cert that I am actually using! Since I installed it via the old certificate manager I would assume it should have “migrated” to the nice new certificate manager.

It should have yes because its all stored in the database.

Try looking in: /etc/asterisk/keys

Is your cert in there (with the key?)

With the previous version there as no need to upload your own certificate. Was there a reason you did?

My cert is indeed there. I had used it to get the web certificate.

On a second server (with the same results) I went and installed a new certificate on the server, and the strange part is that the web certificate did not change. Even tried restarting the server (after doing a service httpd restart)! But the files there /etc/asterisk/keys (and /integration) are both the new certificate now!

Certificate manager never supported Web certificates. System admin did. Never certman.

You need to go to system admin to change the Web certificate

Indeed you are right. I confused the 2. I have now updated my HTTPS cert and have the cert in certificate manager. I guess it is time to start trying to play with it.

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