Certificate Manager complains about no longer existing certs - Bug?

A few months ago, Certificate Manager alerted me of our server cert expiring soon. That was correct. I uploaded a new cert with expiration in 2021 and deleted the old one. Apply Config. Still I get a mail every few days that the deleted cert will expire soon or has expired already. I was unable as yet to find out where or how CM is actually still finding that expired cert, or how to get rid of it. There are a few similar posts in this forum already about this, and they were supposedly fixed years ago, but it seems like this bug has reappeared.

FreePBX is sending the email?

Yes, the FPBX notification service does that.

Any ideas? I’m still getting weekly notifications and have no idea how to fix that…

Some Certificates are expiring or have expired:
Certificate named “voip02” is going to expire in less than a month.
Please update this certificate in Certificate Manager</br

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