Certificate Management for Server and Clients

Using FreePBX 13.0.27 Asterisk Version 13.5.0

How does the Certificate Manager Module 13.0.12 differentiate from a certificate for asterisk and a certificate for a sip device.

Generates a certificate for asterisk>>>> ./ast_tls_cert -C pbx.mycompany.com -O “My Super Company” -d /etc/asterisk/keys

Generates a certificate for sip clients>>>> ./ast_tls_cert -m client -c /etc/asterisk/keys/ca.crt -k /etc/asterisk/keys/ca.key -C phone1.mycompany.com -O “My Super Company” -d /etc/asterisk/keys -o malcolm


The ast_tls_script does not appear to be installed with the distro im using.

I believe the module needs to know whether the cert is for asterisk or a sip client. As it appears that it requires 2 separate commands to generate each.


The Certificate Manager could have the option to generate an asterisk certificate. Then the Client Certificates could be generated through the extension when you go to select the extension certificate.