Certificate Error - Resolving to correct IP

There was an error updating the certificate: Error ‘Requested host ‘nimbus.1access.com’ does not resolve to ‘’ (Resolved to ‘’ instead)’

What is odd about this is I want it to resolve to .19 and the system is at .19. Funny that the error is telling me that it doesn’t resolve to .18 because it shouldn’t.

From the bash prompt, try:

fwconsole extip

very interesting. Running that command gives me the .18 but when I browse to it for ssh and http I access it using .19

Maybe a router issue, not sure why the system thinks the wan ip is .18

I have a feeling my gateway has a block of IP addresses and .18 might be the default wan ip? I’ll have to figure out how to respond with .19 when the system asks for the wan ip. Thanks for the fwconsole tip, always appreciated.

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