Certain number of minutes per trunk?

I receive 50 free minutes of long distance with my pstn provider per month. To avoid going over that I have a VOIP provider as well. Is there a way to setup the limit of minutes to use the pstn provider for the month and then switch exclusively to the VOIP provider for the rest of the month?

A idea that sounds simple but is not… I don’t know the answer but here are things to consider around it.

You have 48 minutes of your 50 used. Does it use the line? If yes what should it do when you hit 49:55? hang up?

Different providers count time differently then others. Some round to the second, some 6 seconds (nice 1/10ths), some a minute. How do you deal with it.

When does the clock start, when it starts dialing, after it starts ringing, once it is answered. Some are different then others.

How can it tell long distance from non-longdistance. Yes it seems simple say by dialing pattern but there are places where they have overlayed area codes on top of each other and I might have to dial 10 digited to reach my neighbor on the left but only 7 to get the one on the right because of when the number was assigned.

When does the counter get reset (Probably midnight, but is the providers system local to you or in another time zone)?

Some have asked for it to count total usage as some sip providers count incoming and outgoing.

I’ve seen the request just like this on the forum before and there might be a answer there. With custom scripting anything is possible.

I can understand that. Since that isn’t an option, is there a way to see/record the number of minutes used per outbound route? Then I could keep an eye on how many long distance minutes were used myself…

to get the info by outbound route I don’t think so. Take a look at the call logging.