CEPM Snom870 Programable keys not loadling BLF test

FreePBX distro

We have used the commercial endpoint manager module since some time in 2013/14r. This module has undergone extensive revision since then and certain functions formerly provided no longer seem to work for us as expected. Last November we were advised to remove and reinstall the module which we did and many of the difficulties were resolved at that time. However, I am still unable to get the BLF settings programmed in CEPM to transfer to our phones.

The contents of `snom870-.htm’ created from CEPM are thus:

<fkey idx="0" context="0" label="Reception" perm="">blf sip:10@;</fkey>
<fkey idx="1" context="0" label="AKL" perm="">blf sip:11@;</fkey>
<fkey idx="2" context="0" label="James B" perm="">blf sip:12@;</fkey>
<fkey idx="3" context="0" label="James C" perm="">blf sip:13@;</fkey>
<fkey idx="4" context="0" label="Christi" perm="">blf sip:14@;</fkey>
<fkey idx="5" context="0" label="Debbie" perm="">blf sip:15@;</fkey>
<fkey idx="6" context="0" label="Seema" perm="">blf sip:16@;</fkey>
<fkey idx="7" context="0" label="Joe" perm="">blf sip:17@;</fkey>
<fkey idx="8" context="0" label="Robert" perm="">blf sip:18@;</fkey>
<fkey idx="9" context="0" label="Tim" perm="">blf sip:19@;</fkey>
<fkey idx="10" context="0" label="20" perm="">blf sip:20@;</fkey>
<fkey idx="11" context="0" label="21" perm="">blf sip:21@;</fkey>
<fkey idx="12" context="0" label="22" perm="">blf sip:22@;</fkey>
<fkey idx="13" context="0" label="23" perm="">blf sip:23@;</fkey>
<fkey idx="14" context="0" label="24" perm="">blf sip:24@;</fkey>

But when I re-provision a phone then all I see are 15 fields labelled line with the contents [free]. How do I get these field populated on our SNOM870s? Is there somewhere else that these values are supposed to be configured other than the linekey page for the phone type in the template file?

The template file line-key settings for the S-870 are:

Line Key 1  Type:BLF   Lable:Reception   Value:10    Account:Active
Line Key 2  Type:BLF   Lable:AKL           Value:11    Account:Active
. . .

Is there something wrong with this? The httpd access log shows the phone obtaining `snom870-.htm’ from the provisioning host. - - [18/May/2017:11:26:21 -0400] "GET /snom870.htm HTTP/1.1" 200 224 "-" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; snom870-SIP SPEAr300 SNOM 1.4 0xxxxxxxxxxxxx)"