CEPM - Remove logon string from firmware configuration setting

When I provision a SNOM870 phone using CEPM the firmware setting is always changed to something like http://3402a049:[email protected]:83/snom/1/snom870.bin. This always fails to find the firmware because there is no user 3402a049:75c2ec637dea471c. The base-file setting for this is: <firmware_status perm="R">__firmware__</firmware_status>.

I presume that this feature has some security related premise. I strongly suspect that premise does not apply to our situation.

I can work around this by changing the permissions in the base file setting but I would rather not as theat would have other effects that I wish to avoid.

I have a couple of questions and please forebear my ignorance.

  1. Where does user name 3402a049:75c2ec637dea471c come from?

  2. How does one remove the [email protected] preface to the generated firmware url?

Provisioning credentials are defined in System Admin, Provisioning Protocols. Provisioning credentials can either be enabled or disabled, but EPM always writes the credentials for the URLs regardless because even if not needed, creds should not interfere with the device downloading a file. Credentials are a valid part of a URL. If you discover that your devices don’t tolerate the credentials then open a bug ticket with details.

In the EPM template, define a custom url of the format you desire for the “Provision Server Address”.

There must have been another reason for the loading problem then because I cannot repeat the problem with urls containing the user name:password preface. But thank you very much for providing this information. I appreciate it.

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Well, I discovered that if the Snom870 firmware is old enough then upgrading firmware (FW) via http with a URL including a supplied username:password fails to find the FW file. The reason I was unable to reproduce the problem on the original phone was because I had subsequently updated its firmware using a URL without a user-name preface. After the FW update a URL that included a user-name did not fail.