CenturyLink Trunk

Probably going to show my ignorance here, but I’m wondering if I can get some help/advice from someone who has successfully integrated a CenturyLink Trunk into FreePBX. My experience has been with Callcentric, where they provide all of the trunk details and a lot of detailed information to help with setting up the trunk. I have a client that is considering a CenturyLink trunk and we’re being told that “all we need to do is provide them the IP address of the FreePBX server” and somehow, that’s it. Maybe their Trunk is somehow a different flavor and I’m just misunderstanding the process, but this seems too simplistic. Anyone out there with hands on experience that could help clear this up for me?


If you have the IP(s) of all their servers for both incoming and outgoing calls then that IS all you need or “ip authorization” , just define the host in your incoming and outgoing trunks (and codecs, context, dtmfmode etc. as always)

Great. Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated.

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