CENTROS5.7/FREEPBX 2.10 command error message

I am a newbie, and I loaded the latest version of Freepbx2.10, and it installed the centros5.7. My system is up and running and making calls. However; I went back to check my command line access in CENTROS, and the system keeps sending the following message.
hub 2-2:1.0: connect-debounce failed, port 4 disabled

Can someone tell me what this means and How I can fix this error. It is annoying to try and type commands when this breaks in every 3-5 seconds.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Because of the setup at my home, I am unable to use any IP other than the IP of my router from the outside. Do I set the NAT settings to Public or static? My system is working and I did an automatic config, and it will configure, but I am unclear if I should be using public IP for the phone or static. My ip from the provider has not changed, but I know it is not a designated static IP.

Thanks in advance for your assistance. I am using Freepbx2.10