its posible to send a Hook Flash to the Trunk

to use Phone company transfer and not the Asterisk Trasnfer feature that actualy use 2 Trunk.

Yes. However, currently FreePBX doesn’t allow you to do it through the dial command as it requires some fancy footwork under the hood to accomplish.

The workaround is to add a custom macro in the extensions_custom.conf file that uses the Asterisk dialplan command flash().


; Transfer call via Centrex to Cellphone
exten => s,1,Playback(pls-hold-while-try)
exten => s,2,Flash()
exten => s,3,SendDTMF(1231234)
exten => s,4,Hangup()

Maybe you create a Ring Group that rings your local desk phone, if no answer then select ‘Custom App’ and fill in the following …


Voila! Centrex transfers.


Thank !!! i iwll try but i think that will do the trick

Did it work?

I am trying to get something that works