Centralizing voicemail to a single server

I work with an organization that has 4 different FreePBX systems (divided by different lines of business).
Everything is fine, but voicemail is handled by each server individually, and I would like to know if anyone has ever centralized the voicemail of multiple FreePBX instances into a separate server?

I’ll add that I know how i could do this through some massive dialplan hacking, just wondering if there is something in the GUI that i could use to help me trick the diaplan to make this a little easier

At first blush, I’d guess “No”.

The network engineer that lives in my head is hollering “Just Use NFS”, but I’m pretty sure there are going to be performance issues. From a file system perspective, though, moving all of your Voicemail files to a single server could easily (he says, knowing that it going to be interesting, at least) be done by NFS mounting the voicemail directory in the /var/spool/asterisk tree.

One thing I’ve tried in the past that worked way better than I thought it would was mount all of your systems against a “single purpose” NFS server (basically like a NAS) at the /var/spool/asterisk level. That way, all of your “day-to-day” files get created in one place and can be managed (backed up, etc.) from one place.

It’s just a notion.

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