Central PBX in a data center. Two remote sites connected. No audio when picking up parked call

Latest version (as of the time of this post) 12.7.5-1807-1.sng7
First attempt at combining sites on single PBX. Everything else is working. I purchased Parking Pro (which just gives the option to create multiple parking lots and assign extensions to each)
All SIP traffic is going out and back through the firewall and has been allowed for the public IP that I’m using.
Call parking works just fine and I can hear audio both ways before parking. The parking hold music works too. But as soon as you pick up the call 2 way audio is gone. Dead air. Thoughts?

How are the two remote sites connected to each other? Just straight Internet? Are the PBXes on public IPs or have LAN IPs and are behind NAT?

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