Central CID directory for all extensions including softphones

Hello there!
I’m using RasPBX in Raspberry Pi 4.
FreePBX Version =
Asterisk Version = 16.9.0

I was looking for central phonebook (CID) directory for all kind of extensions including hardware phones and soft phones. I want my client’s contact number shared with all of my 20 employees. So that, they can easily dial and also, can see which client is calling through IVR.
I noticed, extension’s “Display Name” is shown everywhere while calling or receiving calls with other extension. I want that same functionality with my Client’s Contact Number.

Is it possible to show my client’s contact names to all over extension’s CID like “Display Name”? If it is possible, then how can I configure it to my server? It’s really painful to update my clients contact details to every employees manually!

I’ll really appreciate your help! Thanks in advance.

Tahmidul Haque.

Have you looked at the advanced functionality of CallerID Superfecta?

What does that not do that you want done?

I didn’t aware of Superfecta. It doesn’t come by default with RasPBX. After installing this module, I found google contact integration system is available there! But after providing my google id I clicked debug but I didn’t get enough information to set it up!

Debug result:
Executing GoogleContacts
Searching Google Contacts for number: 0171710xxxx
{“error”:{“type”:“Google_Auth_Exception”,“message”:“Could not json decode the token”,“file”:"/var/www/html/admin/modules/superfecta/includes/oauth-google/Google/Auth/OAuth2.php",“line”:183}}

Can you please tell me, what is actually wrong here? Or,
do you have any link of complete setup guide for Superfecta? I found some links on internet but those are very old and not working anymore!
Thank you!

no one??? :disappointed:

Since RasPBX isn’t FreePBX (it’s a derivative), there’s little help here. You are using a crippled version of the software. If you want to use the full power of the system, you need to run the full system.

I will have to disagree, Installing FreePBX on any linux distribution is not in any way “derivative” and definitely not crippled in any way, all you need is PHP and a shell that speaks bash, a compatible mysql server and any web-server that suits you for the install script to run and be functional, it is true that after installing Asterisk. it will need to be run as the same user as FreePBX script requires (the asterisk user) . The only thing is that you can only install ‘Commercial modules’ on one particular flavor of linux on only one family of CPU. Superfecta is not so restricted because , like FreePBX it is ‘open-sourced’

Please read the README.md file as published before posting

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