CentOS 8 & FreePBX 15

We are currently running on FreePBX 13 on debian 8.11. We unfortunately have some custom tweaks to Asterisk source code for some voice mail features our owner requires. Due to those custom tweaks, I’m sure we won’t be able to run on the FreePBX Distro.

We are interested in the parking lot commercial module that allows us to have multiple parking lots, so we are looking at switching to running on CentOS so commercial modules can be an option. I want this new server we are going to put in place to be as up to date as possible. CentOS 7 seems pretty old at this point. Would FreePBX 15 run on CentOS 8? I would also love to run it on any version of PHP 7, but from what I gather FreePBX 15 still only officially runs on PHP 5.6(despite 5.6 being past EOL)?

Commercial modules are only supported on the FreePBX Distro. It may be possible to get it working on a custom install of Centos, but I’m not aware of anyone doing so on Centos 8.

Considering you can 100% override any FreePBX generated code, there is no reason that something that works with the OSS FreePBX can not also work with the FreePBX distro. Assuming that whatever it is runs on RHEL 7, it should run on SNG7. You just have to watch out for errors if you add a large repo like EPEL (aka don’t do it).

We would need to be able to compile the asterisk binaries from source with the source code changes to the voice mail section. You think that would work with SNG7?

That would be a no.

Now I’m interested in what you are hooking into that you needed asterisk recompiled, but meh. Good luck.

Our old phone system (Comdial) had the feature to be able to forward a voice mail message to multiple recipients on the fly, as well as to pre-pend it with your own voice message. All of this being done from a desk phone or cell phone when calling in remotely.

We have modified the Asterisk voice mail code to add this functionality that our CEO is hellbent on retaining.

Might still be true:

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