celSQL Exception after converting to remote CDR DB

Hi All,

I recently converted my CDR to use a remote DB and also migrated CEL over with it.

All is good, I can hit my CDR reports and they load properly, I can see both CDR and CEL data populating in the DB, but when I attempt to call CEL info from the web gui, I get the following exception:

> SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1142 SELECT command denied to user 'scencdn_corp_asterisk-cdr'@'' for table 'cel'SQL - <br /> SELECT * FROM asteriskcdrdb.cel WHERE uniqueid = '1467571454.44' OR linkedid = '1467571454.44' ORDER BY eventtime, id::

Note that scencdn_corp_asterisk-cdr is the correct DB name, but the host is the local host, not the DB server.

I am sure I am just missing a config file, can anyone lend a hand and help me find it?

If you look at the pop up help for “Cel Reporting” in Advanced settings you will read

Setting this true will enable the CDR module to drill down on CEL data for each CDR. Although the CDR module will assure there is a CEL table available, the reporting functionality in Asterisk and associated ODBC database and CEL configuration must be done outside of FreePBX either by the user or at the Distro level.

Default Value: 0
Internal Name: CEL_ENABLED

So look to the /etc/asterisk/cell* files and possibly customize the php code to suit.

I am looking at the cel* files and am not seeing any defining traits for the DB, instead it looks like it is using a variable asteriskcdrdb. To the best of my knowledge, that should have been specified when CDR was changed right?

both cdr and cel are tables in the asteriskcdrdb database, you need to both set them up in the cdr*/cel*.conf files and if the GUI doesn’t show them when not local, you will have to fix that also, you can do send them to both local and remote to keep everyone happy.

I want to knock the local instance out entirely. Was taking up quite a bit of memory, especially on our termination server.

What is odd is the CDR details show up fine, furthermore I can see the CEL data being logged when I open the DB. It just will not display it correctly.

Also, the exception has the right DB name it in, just the wrong host. Is something hard codes for the DB server value OOB?

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