Cellphone in ring group

Maybe this question has already been asked but with the search function I didnt find it.

Have a IncrediblePBX on a BeagleBone Black with a SPA3000 for an analogue US line, GoogleVoice configured for the last two months, and two SIP providers VoipBuster (dutch no.) and BudgetPhone (dutch no.) and a Siemens GigaSet N300A (6-line SIP with answering machine)

Making and receiving calls is not a problem.

What I am trying to get working is a ring group so that in case dutch family members call my dutch no., both the GigaSet and my cellphone will ring. So far most of the time they have established to call me when I had left the house. Have set the ring group to ringall and entered my US cellphone number with a # at the end in the 2nd position of the ring group.

Somehow it looks like as soon as the call to the US cellphone seizes the analogue line the ring group considers this as an answer. It results in just a short ring on the GigaSet and all calls are send to the cellphone.
Is there a way to make both the internal phone and the external phone ring simultaneous with this configuration? Or can it only work as planned when using a SIP provider to make the call to the cellphone.

Must admit that I haven’t tried the GoogleVoice yet for outgoing calls, but as this will only last till early May my first option was to get the analogue line working with the external calls.

You probably really need “follow-me” on your gigaset extension, otherwise you should try “confirm calls” in your RG.

That is what I did now for the time being, depending on the CID I route the calls to a 2nd line on the GigaSet (ext 602) that has a follow-me to my cellphone. All other calls I route to the 1st line (ext. 601) without follow-me.


Before I have been playing with the embedded version of Asterisk on Synology NAS. In that version it was a bit easier to configure an IVR so I could do a check on the CID in the IVR. Just started with FreePBX, most likely it will be possible here too, only have to find out how yet.