Cell Phone software? - SOLVED

Hello I been using Zoiper on my cellphone for sometime. I’m in the usa. But say if i give a extension to my cousin who is in Germany the call is really bad. He has a great phone service unlimited 3g but sound is not so good if he is also on wifi with a good internet connection i have checked and tested with 3mb upload and a 5mb download the sound is still bad. Not sure what to do. Can someone please help me?

Second question is that on my cellphone if I’m not on wifi and i try to call to another ext that is next room over they can not here me no sound at all. Only works is if I’m on wifi. Not sure also what to do about that?


  1. What codecs do you use?
  2. This looks like a nat issue, zoiper has a stun server option, use it and try again.

Hello i tired that and nothing happens. Now If say I’m on my desktop and calling out through the analog line to my cellphone that works

Is there any other Sip phone software for cell phones i can use that doesn’t take much bandwidth to use?

I doubt it’s the bandwidth that killing your connections, I’d bet it’s just the lag time.

No matter how fast the line is, it still takes “a lot” of time to get packets from here to Germany.

Ping his phone - if the round-trip times are more than 100ms, you are going to have problems with audio, regardless of codec. Also, watch his connection from “Reports” -> “Asterisk Info” and see what his lag time is in there. ICMP uses a less complicated protocol than SIP, so even with good ping times, you can get too much lag from a SIP connection.

Hello at this point i wish i had some audio. But right now there is no audio at all not even on the same network or on different networks.

If you are using Zoiper, try switch the connections to use IAX2. It’s less “port intensive” and is easier to get working through Firewalls and NAT.

I use Zoiper to connect cell phones to my servers exclusively and have stopped using the SIP connection method altogether. I’ve found that the IAX2 interface is much easier to work with. Granted, it isn’t as good as a regular cell phone, but it works pretty well for most of my needs.

So what i did for a new test is that i set up a old system here next to me with just the basic freepbx setup. I didn’t change nothing on my phone but the ip address and I’m able to here sound with no problem. So I’m thinking something on my work server is the problem with the sound.