Cell Phone Ring Group

We have a sales department that wanders around the area and would like to have a few cell phones ring if calls are directed to a ring group or queue. Problem is that the Cell towers seem to answer the call and send to the cell phone.

I have to ask because I think all things are possible (except licking your elbows) and want to see if anyone in the community has an idea or solution.


Don’t know what you mean “…Cell towers seem to answer the call…”


When you place to a cell phone the call is answered by the cell company and they put a ring back audio file in your ear. So since they have “answered” the call, there seems to be no way to get the call back to FreePBX VM box if say the call is not answered in 5 seconds, matter of fact the PBX won’t even end the call at that point. The only possible destination is the Cell Phone VM. - looking for ideas on a work around.

  • I have tried ringing a VoIP software on the Cell Phone, however it is highly dependent on bandwidth and dropped calls and call quality is not acceptable.

Is call confirm on on the ring group? That’s what’s it there for.