Cell phone outgoing call restriction

I’m new to the phone system business. I have a PBX setup working just fine. I wanted to know if there is a way to restrict cellular calls on specific extensions, any help would be appreciated.

You can use the class of service module to achieve this. You can allow/restrict particular outbound call routes on particular extensions


Is this a paid module?
My client does not want t spend more money so that would be an issue

This is additional functionality over and above the standard installation. It is a paid module, and if the customer isn’t going to pay for it and you are on the hook to supply it, you are going to pay for it; one way or the other.

You can do the work and set up the functionality by hand (which will cost you time) or you can spend the money ($99 for a 25-year license) and install it. At what I charge for my time, the module is definitely the way to go.

Extension Routing module has the requested feature set and is cheaper than COS:

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Thanks, well either way they will have to spend money weather I do it by manually or buy the module

Yeah, that’s the conundrum we all find ourselves in from time to time. Sometimes you have to take one for the team and pass the cost on later. Either of the commercial modules identified should get you where you want to go, so after that, it’s just the cost of the change order.

Thanks for the help. Greatly appreciated

I am assuming (based on searching your name) that you’re in Australia.

A new system might be set up for example assigning extensions 150-159 to key people and 160-179 to lower level staff.

Then, if you want to deny extensions 160-179 from calling mobiles, you could set up an Outbound Route with
Match Pattern: 0[45]X.
CallerID: 1[67]X
ahead of the regular routes, with no trunks.

If you want to deny only a few specific troublemakers, you would need one pattern for each extension to be matched.

If you want to allow only a few executives, you could use one pattern for each to be allowed in the regular route for mobiles.

However, note that in some countries including the US and Canada, fixed numbers can be ported to mobile and vice-versa. A database lookup is required to determine whether a number is mobile. Although very inexpensive, usually no more than $0.0003 per ‘dip’, it’s generally not included with normal calling plans. You need a few lines of custom dial plan to look up the carrier and decide whether to reject the call. Many trunking providers don’t offer this service so you may need an additional account with a suitable provider.

I’m also dubious about the concept. If an agent is granted the ability to make any external calls, e.g. to call back to a customer or vendor, it’s increasingly likely that only a mobile number will be available.

I’m not from Australia I’m from an island called Saint Lucia in the Caribbean. The scenario you give was exactly what is happening with the lower and higher authority staff.
By the way in new to PBX so I’m not even sure how to configure match patterns. Our I.T guy left so I’m trying to fill in his shoes until we get someone new.

Is it possible to have a code in place when trying to use a certain route in this case it would be the route for the cell phone calls

You should have led with that. I evokes a different level of support from the user community. :slight_smile:

You can use PINs for Outbound Routes.

So in theory I can set a code for the specific route and give the code to those with the authority to use it.
Would that be a solution?

Yup, Set a pin on the outbound route and call it good.

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