Cell phone contacts syncing with FreePBX

I just noticed today that calls coming across my IP Phone (or any SIP device registered on my PBX) are showing caller ID names that are identical to what I have in my cell phones contacts. I even verified if I delete a contact from my cell phone, the name doesn’t display on calls but return if I add back into my contacts. Now I do have my cell phone contacts synced with my Google account but my FreePBX server isn’t configured to connect with anything so I am very confused and concerned where is FreePBX pulling this information from? If I go into Phonebook, Contact Manager, CallerID Sources in FreePBX they are all blank, except the local extensions on the server. This just started yesterday it appears, all calls from before yesterday just show the calling DID number with no caller id. No configuration changes were made that I can remember. Any ideas?

Did you configure CID Superfecta in freePBX?

It doesn’t look like I have. I do see an option for Google Contacts in there but it is disabled and I don’t remember ever setting it up before. I’ll attach a screenshot of what’s enabled.

Well…superfecta cache is activated…but this doesnt explain, why the CID name disappears, when you delete the contact on your cell phone…

Doesn’t make sense to me. It’s kinda cool and neat I guess to have my contacts synced, but also creepy since I can’t see any link to my Google account where it would be pulling that. Not on FreePBX side or the IP Phone side. Only last thing I can think of, I’m using an Obi200 Voip adapter box to bridge my google voice line to sip over to my FreePBX as a trunk, so unless caller id information is now being passed over the call information through the Obi200 from Google Voice. But I highly doubt that’s the case since caller ID information isn’t displayed on the analog phone I have plugged into the Obi200, only the number. Unless someone could point me in a direction where I could look if that information is coming over the SIP session.

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