Cell Phone Calls From The Bahamas


Calls from the Bahamas are getting dropped by FreePBX (I believe).
In my inbound route I have a “DID Number” & “CallerID number” set to “ANY” and all calls get routed to a ring group successfully. However +12264000087 seemed to be getting dropped and so I created a new inbound route. Unfortunately the next call from the Bahamas had a CID of 12426777100 and it to was dropped. The originating number is a cell phone with a 416 area code and the caller is located in the Bahamas, trying to call me in the 705 area code.

Have I set up something wrong in my inbound route?

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.


Post a log of the failed calls. Also, what (if anything) appeared in the CDRs? What did the caller hear? If your phone rang, what did you hear when answered?

Below is the CDR record for +12264000087 from Sept 24, 2019

All I heard at my end was two rings and the call was gone. I did see the CLID, however I thought it was a telemarketer so I ignored it. I’m trying to get in touch with the caller to find out what they heard.

I’ve got the full log file; how do I add it to this posting?

Thanks for the help.

Paste it at https://pastebin.freepbx.org and post the link here.

Here is link to the full log file.

Calls From The Bahamas


More information from the caller. On the original call of Sept 24th all the caller heard was a buzzing sound. Today I received a call from 12264000087 and I managed to answer it within two rings. I suspect that if I had waited longer than 3 rings the call would have dropped.


I’m wondering if there is any more information I need to provide or if the log files have been reviewed?

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.


According to the posted log, the call came in at 08:03:08 and was immediately answered by your system (because fax detection is enabled). At 08:03:12 fax detection was over (not a fax) and ring group extensions 202, 203, 206 and 207 were called.

At 08:03:13 (only 1 second later), DAHDI/4-1 (which I believe is ext. 207) answered the call. This seems weird – it’s almost certainly too quick for a human, and is surprising even for a machine, because an analog device wouldn’t have the caller ID information until after the first ring (assuming Canadian standard protocol). At 08:03:17 the device hung up, which caused the trunk leg to also be terminated. I can’t explain the multiple “hanging up on” entries.

Also, the subsequent string of calls from 7057395074 was handled similarly.

What is the device on ext. 207? How is it supposed to behave / does it behave on normal calls?

Thanks for the feed back.

  • I’ve removed fax detection on the incoming calls.
  • 207 is an analog phone I have in the garage. I’ve removed this from the ring group so now only 202, 203 & 206 will ring.


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