Cell phone call as notification about email

Could you help me.
I have the task of organizing notifications about important email messages by calling a mobile phone. Could you tell me, is it possible to organize this without using custom scripts?

The paid commercial module, VM Notify:

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This is not what I need! I need the system to notify of new letters from the identified addresses by calling to the mobile phone.

Is it possible to organize this without using custom scripts?


Given that:
If this all revolves around email, I think you would be better off writing something outside of Asterisk, that generates a “call file”. The email arrives>triggers script that creates and drops call file>outbound call is made & call treatment applied.


I understand this does not meet your initial requirements. All of this of course means that you would have to do some custom coding, which it looks like you are not interested in doing. Just giving you a possibility to explore if you are interested.

Thanks а lot

FWIW I dont like call files - we’ve found them to be less reliable and in a few cases subject to some sort of race condition. Talking to AMI or ARI would be a better way in my opinion. In many mail systems you can T or split a copy of a message, and run it through a script - that script - upon seeing a message would use AMI/ARI to start a call and connect that call to a dialplan script that might play a notification for example.

You can definitely start by using call files - my only concern is that they can get missed from our experience - we never figured direct action throuhg AMI was a more solid way to go.