Cell number not working in follow me

Tried 2 ways:
9995551212# in follow me list and as extension 102 in follow me list. Extension 102 is a custom extension: SIP/[email protected]

I can connect fine to the cellphone by dialing extension 102 from any other extension. However, when its in a follow me list, phone rings but no sound on either end after pickup. Call times out after 30 seconds and is auto disconnected. Doesn’t matter what trunk I route the custom extension through. Same issue when actual number is included in the follow me list. Not sure when this first started failing, I’m on 2.6.0RC2.1 atm.

Anyone else having this issue?

I had the same problem after upgrading. Delete your extension and the follow me entries and then recreate each. It should start to work. For some reason the data does not convert correctly.

Follow-Me should not have been touched in this upgrade, no migrations for it. Same goes with Extensions, the db structures should be the same. If you are using the sipsettings module there may be different settings form what you had previously.

I would review those settings if that is the case or try disabling that module temporarily to see if it changes behavior.

Well, behavior changed a bit but no fix. With SipSettings disabled, the call no longer auto-disconnects after 30 seconds. Unfortunately, there is still no sound on either end.

I tried removing the extension/follow me settings then re-creating but no change there either. Interesting…

My followMe to a cell works fine, before and after updating to 2.6.0.RCx. The only difference is that I used the following custom extension technique.

Extension 102 is a custom extension:
SIP/[email protected]

where as mine is,

Extension 102 is a custom extension:
Local/[email protected]/n

You may not need the “/n” at then end.


adding extension 102 in the follow me for a different extension works just peachy. Everything in extensions between the two is identical except the extension number itself (obviously). I’m still digging into this…

I appear to have a bad inbound route. It routes from a DID directly to an extension. The DID comes from our home trunk provider and routes to an ATA that drives the wired phones. When I chage the routed extension to my office (good) extension, it fails the same way. It’s not route type related because when I route my business trunk directly to an extension (instead of IVR) everything continues to work.

Next step: delete/re-create the inbound route.

route delete/recreate didn’t fix. It must be something obvious. Think I’ll sleep on it…

$ asterisk -r
cli> core set verbose 3

And then make the call. You’ll see the call flow through the dial plan. In the pile of outputted lines, you’ll see the turn-to-left-field it’s taking.

You can paste it into the forum and someone may see the left turn.


I’m having the same problem. I’ll paste the logs.

Upon searching, this is not the only thread where you’ve verified that external numbers do work from the PBX, yet do not work when forwarding. For example, here is another: http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies-archive.cfm/988561.html

It’s really odd because the connection is made, there is simply no sound from either side.

I realize this is a really old thread but I just had this problem and figured it out. In my case my SIP trunk needed to have a CallerID for it to work. Quite often people leave the trunk caller ID blank and add it to the outbound route instead. I think in this case if the Trunk does not have a caller ID set then followme and/or ring group to external phone numbers get rejected. In my case it appeared to be rejected by the trunk provider. Probably because FreePBX sends it bad CID info.

In FreePBX 2.9 is actually gives you a warning if you do not include CID when creating a trunk.