CEL insert failed - data too long

[2019-11-13 16:21:35] WARNING[978]: res_odbc.c:439 ast_odbc_print_errors: SQL Execute returned an error: 22001: [ma-3.1.4][10.4.10-MariaDB-1:10.4.10+maria~buster]Data too long for column 'peer' at row 1

Is there any reason I cannot / should not alter the table and make that column a little wider to accommodate my excessively-long channel name?

You’ll want to submit a ticket so that it can be tracked and updated. That way, the next time you update, it doesn’t mess your database up.

You can alter the table but it is probably good to open a bug report.

You can also submit a patch
https://github.com/FreePBX/cel/blob/release/14.0/install.php#L47 for new installs
https://github.com/FreePBX/cel/blob/release/14.0/install.php#L71 add an alter for updates