CEL in FreePBX 13

Why is CEL not available in Asterisk 11 any longer? Upgraded an install from 12 today and have orphaned symlinks for cel.conf and cel_odbc.conf. I look around for a bit and find a new module that I can’t install!

So am I correct in assuming that a) there were massive changes to CEL in Asterisk 12 and b) most users are running Asterisk 12 or 13? The former would not surprise me, the latter would.

well, there is a new web interface I believe and in order for that web interface module to work as the developers intended in freepbx 13, it requires asterisk >= 12. However, to allow it to work the old way, just restore your cel.conf and cel_odbc.conf files, reload asterisk, and CEL CDR functionality will be back as in FPBX 12/ * <= 11.