Cel - how to turn off

Hello, everyone.
How to turn off Cel logging? I switch it off in adanced settings, but this does not work. I tried to switch it off in config files (cell_custom_post.conf), adding general enable=no, but this does not help either.

Try disabling the module?

I tried, but the asterisk did not start.

How did you disable it?

I have put the cell module on the excluded list in the asterisk modules page.

Try disabling the FreePBX module.

fwconsole ma disable cel
fwconsole reload

But I’m honestly not sure if this will do what you want.

This disables the cel module in the freepbx web environment, but does not disable the cel writing service. I need to disable it, so that it does not load the system (I do not use it).

I have solved the problem. I have had to override the general section in the cel_custom.conf file

Earlier it was [general] with the plus sign, as if something was added.

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