CDR's not available restoring from 14/15 => 16

Create new 16 to replace some FreePBX 14 and 15 servers. Run restore on a newly created (and updated modules, yum update) FreePBX 16 using latest backup from the still running FreePBX 14 or 15.

There are no cdr’s period. The restore used to also restore CDR’s. Checked on the FreePBX 14 and 15 Backup/Restore page and all modules are checked.

Other than running mysqldump and mysql asteriskcdrdb < asteriskcdrdb.sql, is there an automagic way to have the backup include all CDR’s so they are restored when running a restore?

How did you restore, using the GUI or using fwconsole? Are you sure the backup contains CDRs?

Used the GUI to backup and to restore. The CDR’s used to be included in backups. I presume from your question CDRs are no longer included in backups. And no, I am not certain the backups actually contain CDRs.

Since the FreePBX servers work well, the only time backups are really used is when an upgrade to a new version of FreePBX has to be built and then populated with the content of the backup.

The backups include whatever you enable when the backup job is created.

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