CDRs are not being created therefore report is empty

Hello all,
Cannot find why my CDR report is empty. I am using Asterisk 13.15.0 and FreePBX

The system is in test mode so I dialed some outbound routes succesfully, but see no CDR in the CDR reports menu.

According to the Asterisk logs the key phrase is:

[2017-04-19 20:26:15] DEBUG[2264]: cdr.c:1121 cdr_object_create_public_records: CDR for SIP/MTT-00000083 is dialed and has no Party B; discarding

the call was answered and lasted more than 1 minute with both ways audio:

[2017-04-19 20:26:15] DEBUG[2264]: cdr.c:1293 cdr_object_finalize: Finalized CDR for SIP/1000-00000081 - start 1492622769.458137 answer 1492622771.557277 end 1492622775.178249 dispo ANSWERED

So why it isn’t created the CDR?

From the source file I see that the CDR shouldn’t be created where the party A was a dialed channel, but there are different channels in the call so I can’t understand why the records arent put in the database.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Why are you setting up a brand new system on an end of life version of FreePBX?

Because the ISO wth 13th version stuck in the missing fwconsole file and I couldn’t make it work. This version was also abruptly stopped and rebooted so I had to manually install Freepbx.