hi, wanted to know if anyone has it running on your FreePBX module cdrcost-0.4.
I tried to install it and I do not work, do not do well as walking.
If somebody could help with this would be very grateful.


shoot me with this problem when I try to create the database cdrcost


INSERT INTO globals (variable, value) VALUES (‘CDRCOST_MAX’, ‘1301442484.6’) [nativecode=1062 ** Duplicate entry ‘CDRCOST_MAX’ for key 1]SQL -
INSERT INTO globals (variable, value) VALUES (‘CDRCOST_MAX’, ‘1301442484.6’)

I’ll keep working on it. I have to get assigned a certain cost at the time of calling out depending on the number to call.

Anyone know if I can configure the basic way A2Billing just to show me the same parameters that the report tab but at the cost of the call?

This module is broken, and has been abandoned. I got it to work to the extent that it creates database entries and displays the freepbx setup pages. However there are no reporting capabilities included so you would have to work out how to export the data in the form you want. Pity it was abandoned, the idea is a good one.