I’m running FreePBX 15 and have both CDR and CEL installed. When I remove CDR, no reports are generated in CEL and I can’t remove CEL because timeconditions depends on this module.

Can I use CEL standalone?

I’m pretty sure CEL relies on the CDR’s for its data…

Are you running into any issues having them both installed?

No issues, but I keep having to think which one I have to use.

CEL Needs CDR. If you are planing to make some reports based on events, CEL is better for you. Otherwise CDR module is OK in general.

So what is comes down to, I need both modules. Is it possible to hide one from the menu so I don’t pick the wrong one every now and then?

No, if you want CEL, you need to install the master module (CDR) and then install the subordinate (CEL) module. If all you want in CDR, you don’t need the subordinate module. If, on the other hand, you want CEL, you need to install the master module first.

Like I said: timeconditions depends on CEL and without CDR, CEL doesn’t get any data. So I guess I do need them both.

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