CDR using "start" column instead of "calldate" column in database


Newer versions of Asterisk (13.21) like to log data in the “start”,“answer” and “end” columns in the database, but the cdr module in freePBx (v13.0.195.1) is hard-coded to use the calldate column. Eg:

$query = "SELECTcalldate,clid,did,src,dst, ...

I’m aware I can use the the alias directive in cdr_adaptive_odbc.conf to make the ODBC CDR module log to the calldate field, but there is other software on the server which is built around the “start” column.

All I really want to ask is: Is there a version of the FreePBX CDR module which can use the “start” column instead of “calldate”? I tried updating the source code myself but then FreePBX gave scary-looking warnings about modules being tampered with.


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