CDR using "start" column instead of "calldate" column in database

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Newer versions of Asterisk (13.21) like to log data in the “start”,“answer” and “end” columns in the database, but the cdr module in freePBx (v13.0.195.1) is hard-coded to use the calldate column. Eg:

$query = "SELECTcalldate,clid,did,src,dst, ...

I’m aware I can use the the alias directive in cdr_adaptive_odbc.conf to make the ODBC CDR module log to the calldate field, but there is other software on the server which is built around the “start” column.

All I really want to ask is: Is there a version of the FreePBX CDR module which can use the “start” column instead of “calldate”? I tried updating the source code myself but then FreePBX gave scary-looking warnings about modules being tampered with.


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