Cdr unique id wrong

Hi people , lately i have been presenting troubles when i try to dowload records from calls in cdr , i have freepbx 7.2 version , look for the records in the device where are saved all these recordings, and i find them but whit a different unique id , lets suppose i want to download a call recording whit this name :-102002-89760 , when i give click on it , a window pop up and says " record doesnt exist " , but when i look through ssh in a centos 6.5 server where all these records are storaged , in find them but the last number its not 102002-89760 but 102002-89765 by example , the rest of the name its okay , what could be happening?

This is not a valid FreePBX version.

well i know its old but i have one installed and it says freepbx 7.2

no like 7.2 was NEVER a thing… screenshot?

version 7.2

That is NOT Freepbx

so why does it says free pbx up there?

Ok if you scroll to the bottom of this page there should be a version

well i dont see it , only the logo of my enterprise

So two problems.

  1. this has been modified so no way to provide real support.
  2. This is 2.10 or 2.11 which are both long EOL so any “bug” has probably been fixed over the last 5+ years.

My advice would be to try with a clean/recent version and see if the issue persist.

thanks pal , i will try