CDR Table - Which Database

For FreePBX 14 SNG7, what database is the CDR table stored in? As I understand it we have SQLite, MySQL and MariaDB.

Thanks for your help!

SQLite is Asterisk’s internal Database Engine. Its a key value store. You can see it by running asterisk -rx ‘database show’
MySQL is the database engine FreePBX uses in 13.0
MariaDB (A fork of MySQL) is the database engine FreePBX uses in 14.0

The database you are looking for is called asteriskcdrdb


Thanks Andrew. Does anyone know if MariaDB is compatible with MySQL Workbench, or if there is a similar interface program for MariaDB? We would like to take the UsrField from the CDR and join it to an independent table we’ve created, for reporting.

If you tried to connect yourself you would have seen that it would have worked just fine. The answer is yes. it works just fine.


Thanks Andrew.

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