CDR stopped logging calls

Hi Guys,

Need your help with my current freepbx installation version 13.7.

My CDR suddenly stopped working and not recording logs anymore.

As per backtrack:

The problem started when the ODBC module can’t be loaded in the server. No matter what i do, load/unload etc. And the ODBC related commands inside the CLI is not recognized.

So what i did is I checked my other asterisk server (in the same version 13.7) where everything is working fine, in which i copied the module (usr/lib64/asterisk/module/) from there to the one having problems. Rebooted asterisk and it solved the problem.
isql versions for both server is the same 2.2.14. odbc commands are now loaded.
DNS and MySQL connections are now showing.

However, the CDR stopped working.

Please help! The stupidiest thing i did was not backing up that old file.

Thankfully, only the CDR was affected.