CDR Stats


Firefox Browser:
CDR Stats Call Recording Widget does not play the recording. Instead plays a 2 second clip of silence every time.

IE Browser:
CDR Stats Call Recording Widget Plays call recording normally.

FYI: I did not install the Chrome Frame on IE.

Is this a bug?

Why not try pulling out the file from the OS and hear it for yourself.

Normally, those files are in your spool directory…


Pull the file out and play it using VLC or something.

also, i’ve had good luck after installing Quicktime to play directly from the ARI page.

I have been doing exactly that. I log in via WinSCP and copy the recording to a local folder. However, I would prefer the system to work as intended. It’s terribly inconvenient. I wonder why Firefox would load and play only the first 2 seconds of the call. I can sometimes catch the first word spoken.