CDR-Stats (addon)

Has anyone managed to use the CDR-Stats installation from on the latest dirstro?

The latest distr uses centos 6.5, but the intaller for CDR-Stats seems to want centos 6.2…I say seems to because when it fails it mentions it ‘needs centos 6.x’



Had this same problem.

all you have to do is open up the .sh file and find the OS check and simply change one of the checks (or add an extra one) for you OS (i changed 6.3 to 6.5 and Voila, have it installed on a test server to mess around with)

at the moment, i am trying to find the code where it fetches the clid to find out from which country was dialed from, so that i can change it to fetch the destination - so that i can see what number was dialed instead of the country that was dialed from (only have Asterisk doing 2 things - dial-in dtmf input and an IVR for listening to Announcements, stuff that our small Avaya system could not do for some reasons)