CDR stat page customization


I want to insert the “dstchannel” and “accountcode” code in the freepbx cdr stat log tool. I would want to filter according to the “dst channel” as well. I also want to have the exact duration shown, that means"billsec" rather than “duration” on the page. How is it possible?

Is there a way to customize the cdr tool page? I can see the exact duration on the new cdr report on trixbox 2.2, it also has the “dst channel” field, but it lacks the advanced filteration process of the cdr reports in freepbx, also it does not have the total minutes etc.

Has someone done this before?

Pls help.

nope - that tool is in there imported from another project (don’t even recall where). Very little has been done with it - I suspect it will eventually get replaced since, as you have noticed, it is less than useful with what it exposes…

Well I hope it gets upgraded, or replaced soon. Or someone just brings in som customization process.