CDR shows no data!

Hello everyone, sorry for the newbie question, but how do I get CDR records in the Reports menu? No matter what I query for, it’s always “No Data Found!”

I have looked through the Forum (and Google) but there really wasn’t anything that just showed the syntax of what I should be looking for.

So I went a step further and checked in MySQL- the table for CDR is totally empty!

I presume the system should be logging this information somewhere, but where? Do I need to turn it on, or change a default setting to where it’s recorded?

I know without question there should be several hundred records on this system, and at this moment it’s not crucial to have this data, but it will be.

I swear I’ve done the legwork and looked for the answer to this simple problem, but for some reason I just can’t find what I’m looking for.

Please help! Thank you for your patience!

This has been covered repeatedly (did you search before you posted)?

The Asterisk Now distribution is missing the Asterisk-Addons package that contains the SQL CDR module. I believe you can install it from yum. You can always check the CDR status with the ‘cdr status’ Asterisk CLI command.

Yeah, I’m guilty: after reviewing the Forums for a separate issue last night I discovered the other, repeated discussions for the same thing. My apologies.

To further (and more accurately) answer your question, I’m presently at with FreePBX, and with Asterisk-64.

Thanks for the reply, Perry! (I’m Kirt, BTW.)

Anyway I’m running AsteriskNow-64 v1.5.0 on a very powerful server (just to get that question answered right away…) It had MySQL in the bundle, but no phpMyAdmin (which I don’t miss, and feel is a security risk anyway).

When I run a query in the Reports tab, I don’t get any error messages of any kind- just no data!

I went a step further and checked the actual table in the MySQL database and it is totally empty. It’s like the system is set to write the CDR data somewhere else or not at all.

Sadly I just have never come across the need to worry about CDR recording (I’m at a humble four installations, to date) and I just don’t know where to look to check settings of this kind.

Any ideas, Perry? (Or anyone else who catches this?)

Good Afternoon,
Is this a new installation? What version are you using?
I believe with the new ISO’s there is something special that needs to be done with CDR because MySQL isn’t installed as part of the installation because of GPL issues.
I wound up installing MySQL and then re-installing the Asterisk-Addons and that took care of the problem…

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