CDR settings

I recently built a FreePBX from scratch, but installed each component separately since I couldn’t use an ISO. I restored a config from a distro and everything from the distro server came over, but CDR’s are no longer being recorded in the database. I don’t see any errors in the log file, but I’m guessing FreePBX is trying to use credentials for the database that don’t work for creating CDR’s. Anyone have any suggestions of where or how to verify if the credentials it is using work? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.


It uses the same account as freepbx.conf Just make sure that user has permission to write to asteriskcdrdb in mysql

Also use the command “cdr mysql show status” in Asterisk to check connection.

If “Building from scratch”, in the make menuselect bit you will need to add the mysql bits (on the first screen)

I verified the credentials were correct, but “dicko” had it right. I needed to recompile Asterisk to include the mysql pieces. Thanks for the help guys. That worked!