CDR reports without external CID number


Is it possible to configure the CDR to show the etxernal number on transfered calls?

Most of the times, the inbound calls are attended, and finally transfered to an extension. This records are shown with the transfering extension as the origin, so it gets complicated to know the origin of the call.

Any possibility to get the original external numer in the record?


Doesn’t src show the external number?

The SRC field should show where the call originated but the transfer is a separate call, so the logic of the call sequence wouldn’t lend itself to the OPs request. You should be able to find the call’s CID in the log through a combination of the different applications and the extensions involved. It might take a few seconds by eye, but I expect a program could make the connection pretty quickly. If this is something you need to do, you may be able to put in a Feature Request to add something to make the call life-span easier to follow.